I Came I Soared I Conquered

My iPhone alarm woke me up at 7AM. Usually I am an early riser, but it is a Sunday and my first reaction was to hit the snooze. Luckily “past me” had written down Prabal Gurung on the screen. I bolted out of bed and off to Target I went.

7:52AM. There were two other cars in the lot. One car was clearly another shopper. My enemy. The other car was some odd couple probably there for whatever people go shopping for at 8AM on a Sunday…at Target.

7:56AM. Three more cars pull up and I can see these ladies are in teams. My heart races a bit. I am feeling nervous. Approaching the doors a scenario plays out in my head. What if I pretend to slip on the ice and then have all the shoppers run to help me and then I quickly get back up and run in before them? I soon realized this plan A) would work better if I had someone on my team to run in before me and B) these shoppers were as fierce as ballerinas and would definitely not come to my aid.

7:58AM. One team approaches the door. But we still have two minutes! Angry because I feel these women will take all the clothes (because obviously the doors aren’t wide enough and I won’t be able to race past them…I’m kidding) I realize it is just my Sunday morning grogginess speaking because taking a second look I can see we will all be taking different sizes.

8:00AM. May the odds forever be in your favor. Lets just show you the photos.

IMG_3405 IMG_3409 IMG_3408 IMG_3406 IMG_3404 IMG_3401 IMG_3402 IMG_3396 IMG_3409 IMG_3394 IMG_3408 IMG_3403 IMG_3407 IMG_3392

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Prabal Gurung for Target

It comes tomorrow! My plan is to be at Target when it opens! My mom doesn’t think it will be busy but I do NOT want to take any chances. I will be documenting and hopefully walk away with a few items to share with you all! Post back tomorrow. Enjoy the snowy streets if you are an East Coaster! 

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Kiddie Treasures!

Obviously I’m typing up this post that I wrote in science class, but I just can’t get these fabulous fashion thoughts out of my mind! One word: Target. I’ll get straight to the point (no witty interruptions). I bought these brown macassins with rhinestone diamonds on them for 20 buckaroos! They are by Circo. Yes, they were in the kids section, but luckily for me they fit and that just means no one my age will have them. There were also fury coats that I loved in the kids section and awesome workout leggings, but I am a college student and I have a budget. So far these shoes are a staple in my everyday outfits.

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Joon T’s by Lexi Joondeph-Breidbart


Some creations I hand sewed, painted, and glue gunned. Enjoy!

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Loving Lanvin

There was tacky, purple lipstick, frizzy hair, and a matchy-matchy outfit (I’m talking red on red on red) and it was far from a train wreck. Drool covered the floors after the audience experienced the “Lanvin for H&M” fashion show. The tutus seen in “Black Swan” were no match compared to the poofy, tiered dresses that dominated the runaway accompanied by matching frizzy hair and an oversized hot pink flower that looked like it could have been picked right out of the garden that covered the entrance to the runway. Elegant chandeliers lit up the models’ paths down to the platform where they struck their poses full of personality and spunk.  One model was accompanied by another model trotting down the runway on all fours, sporting grey fluffy fur with a chic bow tie. She was a standardized poodle. I have never envied a dog so much in my life. Who knew a Lanvin model could pull off drinking from a toilet?  One outfit in particular turned a fashion “don’t” into a fashion “must”.  A red feather hair piece, on top of a red wig, on top of a red necklace, on top of a red dress, on top of red tights, on top of (you should see where this is going) amazing, take my breath away, red patent leather heels! This piece of work suddenly made me question why wearing gray on gray tracksuits was such a bad idea. This outfit rocked my world, but then again I am usually in my own little “fashionista” world, and real life people did not reciprocate me reenacting this outfit well, to an 8AM class.

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Time To Play Dress Up

Prom does not have to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  Well, okay, maybe it would be slightly creepy to go to one in one’s mid twenties, but dressing for prom most definitely does not have to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. As I wallow on my college dorm bed (stuffing my face with soy ice cream bars), scrolling through various prom dresses that continuously tease me, an idea comes to mind.  Well, two ideas come to mind. The first: these ice cream bars would taste better mashed up in a bowl, and second: Fancy Fridays!  I am now declaring universal “Fancy Fridays.” There are fifty- two Fridays in a year! That’s probably more than there are award shows! We now all have an opportunity to wear fancy clothes more often than Natalie Portman and Jay Z! The first dress that comes to mind is listed on the unique, wonderfully stocked up website “Modcloth” (I check this website religiously for new arrivals!).  My first dress of the night (because, in my world, there are quick changes like no other) is the “Sweet Jamz Dress.” A dark purple, one strap dress with a shiny lighter purple torso could not get any sweeter.  Well, Modcloth, you have certainly outdone yourself because this dress did just get a little sweeter. It is lined with tulle, and has a beautiful bow for the strap! My second choice would have to be the “More Than Just Romance Dress.”  This black, one strap dress has dazzle and pizzazz. It’s like Roxie Heart from Chicago (who doesn’t want to be compared to that jazzy blond?).  The black lines on the torso allow the sequined skirt to shimmer about and light up the dance room. This dress is also lined with many layers of tulle, allowing the dress to have a poofy party feel that any girl will feel like a doll in.  May the Fancy Fridays commence!

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Here’s To Hats

Hats tend to have a negative connotation to them (thanks to the nerds out there who pair them with a fanny pack). (Get a purse? Just saying).  I have decided that hats are fabulous, and a great way to cover up a bad hair day! I’m not talking about visors, baseball caps, or beanies. I’m talking real 1950’s hats, like the one Priscilla Lane graced our presence with in the old black and white classic movie Arsenic And Old Lace.  Just “Google Image” 1950’s hats, and I guarantee your breath will be taken away. These hats bring the instant “fashionista” out of everyone.  With these gorgeous hats, outfits would be more than complete.  Close your eyes, and picture waking up to a winter wonderland. All you want to do is lie in bed and watch the snow, but unfortunately it is 6:00AM (Yes, this time does exist) and you must be off to work.  Throw on any plain Jane dress, but then throw on a hat, and voila it is as if you just walked out of a photo shoot for Vogue!  When it’s time for the gopher to see his shadow, you can easily switch up the hat in exchange for one made of a lighter material like straw.  Anthropologie is a great store for straw hats that will make any spring outfit look fun and classy.  Check out other stores such as Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 for less expensive but still awesome hats.  Moral of the story: Hats are making a comeback! 

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